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    Inductors and Jug Rinse Systems

    Chem-Blade inductors and jug rinse systems are manufactured by Eck Fabrication LLC, who were founded in 2013. Chem-Blade agriculture products integrate into all types of spray operations involving chemical inductors. Their standalone inductor equipment and more is designed with the customer in mind. Chem-Blade inductors solve problems while also saving significant time and money. Enclosed systems, a closed transfer system and tender solutions for chemical mixing means you never again have to triple rinse or clean containers back at the shop.

    The Chem-Blade is a retrofit jug splitting stainless knife system which opens chemical containers quickly and efficiently. Operators simply have to bring the bottom of a jug down on the blade, splitting and emptying jugs in seconds. With water supplying the built in high pressure rotary rinse head, containers are rinsed, leaving no chemicals in the containers. Testing shows an operator can spray 25 to 45 more acres per day with the time saved using the Chem-Blade. Chem-Blade also works with dry materials.


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    Picture of Chemical Jug Rinse System

    Chemical Jug Rinse System

    Chemical Jug Rinse System
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