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    Water Softener, Four Tank Unit, 13x54 Mineral Tank, (2) 24x41 Brine Tanks, 1400 Lbs. Salt, 75 GPM, 78,000 Maximum Grains x4 Tanks, Braswell 1" Control Valve

    Alternating Twin-Tank, Triple Tank and Four Tank Automatic Regeneration Water Softeners. Engineered to handle your most demanding commercial/industrial needs.
    Alternating design means there are always one, two or three tanks that have "soft" water available. Automatic regeneration means there is no time clock to adjust; regeneration occurs when it is required, saving you salt and power.

    Features Include:
    • 5-cycle control valve with 3/4" or 1" ports assures a continuous 24-hour supply of conditioned "soft" water.
    • Flow rates as high as 80 GPM.
    • Standard with (2, 3 or 4) resin tanks, (1 or 2) salt brinetanks and Fleck, Braswell or Clack control valves as noted.
    • Rated to pressures up to 120 psi.
    • Temperatures to 100° F.
    • Standard 110 volt. (24 volt or 220 volt also available.)
    • Tanks operate independently to deliver an uninterrupted supply of soft, high-quality water.
    • Handles the hardest water and removes heavy metals.
    • Efficient regeneration uses less salt & water.
    • Regeneration is triggered as needed, not on a fixed schedule.
    • Downflow service draws softened water from the cleanest part of the resin bed.
    • Two Year Limited Warranty

    Capacity Requirements = Grains of Hardness + PPM Iron x Maximum Total Gallons used per day.
    *Fleck Control Valves
    ** Fleck 9100 Control with 3/4" meter and 3/4" distributor pipe
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